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Frequently Asked Questions
You got questions...we have answers!

Question: What age do you start charging children to play?

Answer: Our play area is geared toward pre-walkers to 6 years old. Children under 9 months are always free with a paid sibling–otherwise. If your child is playing, we ask that you pay for them. We also welcome baby-wearing!

Question: Why do I have to sign a waiver even though I am not playing?

Answer: We require everyone to sign a waiver even if you are "not playing"  it protects both parties if there were anything to happen while you are at Little Fox Clubhouse.

Question: Do I have to pay the same rate for multiple children? 

Answer: We offer discounted punch passes, ideal for families with more than one child. Or consider a membership for if you plan on visiting multiple times a week.

Question: Is my play-pass good all day?

Answer: Yes, once you purchase an Open Play Pass, you may use it for re-entry for the same day. Please ask the front desk for a wristband if you plan on returning.

Question: Will kids and parents have to take off their shoes?

Answer: Our play area is strictly SOCKS ONLY. Per the health department, we are required to keep our feet covered at all times. If you forget, we have non-slip socks for $2.

Question: I have older children, can they come too?

Answer: We welcome kids that are outside of our age-range, we charge $8 for helpers. They can help a friend or sibling play but are not permitted to use our play equipment. 


Question: Can we bring in our own snacks & food?

Answer: Of Course! We will have snacks and drinks available for purchase, but we understand that what we offer won’t work for everyone. We do ask that food/snacks be consumed in our seating area. You may not bring in a birthday cake or cupcakes during open-play hours. If you would like to host a party at Little Fox Clubhouse, consider booking an event here.

Question: Can I use my friend's membership card or give mine to a friend to use?

Answer: Memberships must be used within immediate family ONLY that are listed on your account. Other families are not permitted to use your membership at any time, even if they are visiting with you. Failure to adhere to Membership Rules will result in Membership Termination as stated in the agreement. Please have them purchase an Open Play Pass or membership.

Question: Can I have my child’s birthday party during normal business hours?

Answer: Parties of any kind during normal business hours are not allowed. 

Question:  May I drop off my child and run an errand?

Answer: A parent/guardian must accompany & stay with your child at all times, with exception of special drop-off days. 

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